Did you watch the premiere episode of Launch my Line on Bravo? I did. Tonight the second episode airs. I’ll tell you if you should watch.

launch my line

The short answer: Yes! Also – yes, you will probably spend the entire first episode comparing this show to Project Runway. When that show was taken (stolen? rightfully bought?)  by Lifetime, Bravo needed something to fill the fashion-space! This show has serious potential, and they’ve even got Lady Gaga guest starring on it later – which I think will be humorous since one of the contestants looks a bit like her (and has the same design aesthetic if her golden, heart-spangled jumpsuit is any indication).

On tonight’s episode, when a “trend forecaster” stops by to show the designers how trends are set and what will be popular for 2010, the contestants must pay attention to incorporate into the 2nd look of their collection. The designers are then taken to Venice Beach to seek inspiration for a daytime look using colors and silhouettes that will set the trends for the upcoming season. The pressure takes a toll on the contestants as one expert threatens to leave his/her partner, will they quit the competition?

Tune in tonight at 11/10c: Launch My Line