Lady Gaga brought her drama to American Idol 2011. And I’m not just talking about her black and white wig and armadillo shoes.

While Lady Gaga was mentioned on Modern Family last night, she was on American Idol season 10 to give the final four contestants some tips.

But Gaga was quick to point out that she didn’t think she’d have gotten far in the competition. “When I was 16 yrs old, I was way too weird to be on American Idol. They would’ve shut the door right in my face.”

Only Haley seemed genuinley excited to meet Lady Gaga. James had a “I’m already better at this” attitude (as far as I’m concerned, and I’m sure you disagree), Scotty seemed intimidated and uninspired, while Lauren was preoccupied about having to sing that she was “evil” in her song. (Which has caused me to think about her in a less than stellar light. She’s that uptight? It’s just a song!)

Lady Gaga criticized Scotty’s weak microphone handling –  and, hey, wouldn’t it be nice if he stopped holding it sideways? Her advice was to pretend the microphone was his girlfriend telling him to stick his tongue down her throat. Scotty seemed unamused by that, finally adding, “I better have a good looking microphone.”

With two country-based singers in the final four, is it a surprise that Gaga wasn’t so welcome to the AI family?