Are you ready to give another Lifetime movie a chance? We’re not so sure about that, despite the starring role being the amazing Kristin Chenoweth. We’d listen to her read a foreign phonebook (if foreign countries have phonebooks -?) but investing our time watching a Lifetime movie is a pretty big leap of faith. We’re all cynical and stuff, man.



Lifetime movies can be really hit or miss with me. The last time I gave one a chance was because Sarah Chalke was attached to the project (Maneater)and the plot seemed like it had potential to be a cute time-waster. But what I got was a really dumb, exceptionally (& unfairly) long movie with very little charm.

So, proceed with all kinds of caution towards the Kristin Chenoweth Lifetime movie 12 MEN OF CHRISTMAS. If you’d like to watch, it airs Saturday, December 5 at 9:00PM-11:00PM (ET/PT).

It’s anything but a Merry Christmas for die-hard New Yorker E.J. Baxter when she loses her high-powered publicity job and her fiancé all on the same night as her office holiday party. To escape everything around her, E.J. takes a job in Kalispell, Montana, and channels her energy to help raise funds for the local search-and-rescue team. Initially, E.J. feels like a fish out of water, but with the help of her new colleague Jan, she cooks up a concept that will leverage Kalispell’s greatest asset – their handsome guys. E.J. faces resistance from some of the men, especially town bad boy, Will, but she is determined to fill all the months of the calendar…and has her eye on someone special for Mr. December! Starring Kristin Chenoweth, Josh Hopkins and Jessie Pavelka.