kristen bell party down

Season 2 of Party Down has mentioned a character, Uda Bengt, but not shown her. This is in part because she is played by Kristen Bell, who can only guest star in one (maybe two) episodes with her schedule. Not seeing Uda is perfect for the storyline, as you’ll learn. However, if you didn’t season 1 and want to know more about this hilarious character, I’ve put together her best quotes. Party Down season 2 has already kicked off, and better than half the junk on TV. What are you waiting for?

Party Down Quotes

“Imagine you were successful and wealthy, and it was your wedding day, and you spared no expense to create an environment of beauty and elegance and then you showed up, blergh.”

“That’s gonna be strike one, one more and I’m gonna report you to Alan Duk.”
“You know, there are 3 strikes in baseball.”
“Well, this isn’t fucking baseball, weasel face, it’s catering!”

“Oh, and tell the blond thanks for the concern, but I got laid 3 weeks ago, so I’m good.”

“I need you to stand here and direct guests towards to restroom, you think you can handle that? … Yes, I love Ben Affleck. Do you?”
“Ben Affleck? No, he’s a hack.”

“You know, I went to college.”
“I didn’t, but I still get the irony.”

“Oh, look I found a little elf in the woods.”

“You know, being aware of snake holes is all part of the job.”

“Wait, does this mean I get to see the fireworks and stuff?”
“You’ll be present for the fireworks, but you’re not to look up.”

“What is your job? Bathroom sign. And if you’re not out of my sight in 10 seconds I will rip you neck off.”

“He’ll be fine, he just can’t speak. If his air wave closes up, cover him in ice.”

“I’m not blind, you carried Ron today. I know that. You should call me sometime.”
“Actually I just got promoted here, but wasn’t I too old?”
“I don’t mean for a job, I mean socially. I’m usually free on Mondays, which I know is a bad night for the better restaurants, but it’s shorter movie lines, I like art films, nothing too depressing no holocaust shit. I’m not really this abrasive, but you have to be to do this job, something you should think about, you can’t be a leader and a friend. I have a kid but he is very quiet and no trouble.”
“Umm, okay. Thanks.”
“Thank you. I’m looking forward to hearing from you, Henry.”