We’ve been googling around (we’re such shameless¬† google sluts) to figure out what The LXD is, and finally we have an answer that makes sense. Because while it could have been (and, apparently is, in some capacity) “LXD INC – The Leader In LCD Technology” it’s also something much cooler. And we know what you’re about to say, “COOLER THAN LCD TECHNOLOGY?” And some of you aren’t even being sarcastic there, and that’s okay! LCD technology is cool or something, yadda. It’s simply that a Legion of Extraordinary Dancers is better than anything ever, in the universe. Well, except for THIS picture:

This counts as being in the same orbit, right? Joss Whedon and Kristen Bell pose at the LXD Premiere Party with Cameron Cruz.

Listen. No, listen! We all have dreams, and our dreams involve getting our favorite writer/director/creator together (not like THAT, for a project!) with our favorite actress. Whedon + Bell can only ever equal goodness. We’re prepared to call their future collaborations Whell, Belldon, Bedon or Awesomesauce Forces United (AFU.)

Now, Joss Whedon and Kristen Bell were not just hanging out at a coffee shop, stealing scones* (wait, everyone doesn’t do this?)¬† They were both at the premiere for LXD, and we’re not done talking about that. It’s The LXD:¬† The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.

LXD is a superhero-themed dance web series that is currently on Hulu, but will have a DVD release later this year, hopefully. But why wait? Go watch now! It’s the brainchild of Jon M. Chu, who directed Step Up 2: The Streets and Step Up 3D (it’s okay, we didn’t watch any of those Step Up movies, either, and we still think this is cool.) Faces you’ll find familiar on LXD come from everywhere from Glee to So You Think You Can Dance? And we bet all of their moves are sliiiiick! (Yea, we’re dancing in our chairs. It’s the only dance move we know how to do, okay?) So go live vicariously, just like we’ll be, and watch The LXD on Hulu sometime soon. (Ahem, now.)

Click after the jump to view THE LXD promo on YouTube:

Beautiful Choreography to Coldplay

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*FYI: We hate scones. There is some serious, serious scone hatred going on here. We steal the chocolate chip muffins. Duh.