Yes, he’s the guy who sings like a woman with his falsetto. But we don’t care, because it’s a great voice!

Once again, The Voice is highlighting Bruno Mars. Ah well. This time it’s “When I Was Your Man.”

Kris Thomas

Kris Thomas

I’ve gotta be tough, guys. This was not his best performance. There were weak parts.

Adam said, from a critical standpoint, he could feel the tension. And he wanted to feel more ease.

Blake, Usher, and Shakira all tried to focus on the praise… but you could tell they were kind of being…easy. And honestly, he might not get voted through. And the judges can tell, just like I can tell. And it’s only because, this can only have one winner! If it was about…is your voice good or not? Yes, his voice is great. But every performance counts so much, so you have to KILL it every single time.

Kris Thomas “When I Was Your Man” Video

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