From Team Shakira, Kris Thomas sang “What a Wonderful World” on The Voice 2013.

The Voice Season 4

The Voice Season 4

“What a Wonderful World”
Louis Armstrong

“It’s just a beautiful message that really means a lot to me,” Kris said of the song.

But Shakira said he was more of a crooner than a belter, so he had some things to work on.

“I have had some success on The Voice, and now the trick is to maintain that.” – Kris

Blake said he’d pictured Kris and Mary Miranda as Shakira’s favorites, like her pets. So it was surprising she paired them together.

“There’s something so different about you.” – Blake

“I don’t know of another artist that’s like you. I was very impressed.” – Usher, who seemed to be leaning towards Kris.

In the end, Kris won against Mary Miranda in the knockout!


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