“I consider myself to be a crooner,” says Kris Thomas. And he let us know that he almost joined The Navy, yet felt there was something else out there for him. Then two weeks later The Voice called him up. Fate.


“If I lose this round I go home to nothing…no job…I have to fight for my spot here,” said Thomas.

Performance Remarks

Adam said “that is a task…that you definitely rose to.”

“You always seem to choose songs that push you to the extreme. …You’re always proving yourself to people. And this week is no exception.” – Blake

Usher said there were  a few shifts in the song he didn’t like. “But the point is, no risk, no reward.” – Usher

“I think that you just sound like you really want to win this competition…” – Shakira, about the sincerity and sweetness in his voice

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