Kris Humphries wants Kim Kardashian to own up to her alleged mistakes.

Their marriage may have only lasted 72 days, but the divorce settlement for Kris and Kim is a long way from being finalized.

Kris Humphries is rumored to be flat-out refusing to divorce the divalicious Kim Kardashian unless she gives him a “public apology” and admits “the entire wedding was staged by her and her family.” (And wouldn’t E! have kinda-sorta-totally known?)

Humphries allegedly turned down a $7 million offer from the Kardashian clan to “shut up and go away.” Why? Kris wants Kim to admit the marriage was a publicity stunt on her behalf and therefore it was fraud.

Do you think Kris is saving face by forcing Kim to own up to her stunt? Or do you just want him to take some money and go away?