I continue to be mystified with the Kardashian clan, even when I don’t bother watching their show. People Magazine has been talking to Kourtney Kardashian about her relationship with Scott Disick (is that seriously his last name?!)

Have they split up? According to Kourtney, nu uh!

It’s ridiculous,” Kardashian said Saturday in Las Vegas at a party for her swimwear line, Beach Bunny Swimwear. “All the [rumors] you just have to laugh at.”

Well, I’ve seen the show enough that I’m wondering why in the world she hasn’t left Scott. And the rumors? They’re mostly created after people see them on the show. I think anyone else would leave him. She’s a sweet, beautiful girl. She doesn’t deserve to be treated the way he treats her.

But in fact, the pair are in counseling to work on their relationship.

“I think [counseling] is really important and we always love going and feel so much better after,” she said. “I think everyone should go. People are like, ‘It’s so expensive and this or that,’ but that’s more important than buying clothes or a handbag or shoes. It’s your life.”

I want to root for Kourtney. And counseling is a great, healthy choice. But in wanting to root for Kourt, this means I do not want to root for their relationship. I know that sounds terrible (blah blah), but Scott seems awful. And he certainly acts awful on the show, in magazines, and basically everywhere his presence is known. (Maybe he’s a really wonderful sleeper.) He’s an  addiction she needs to break!  Like me and sunflower seeds (apparently they’re NOT as healthy for you as I’d thought.)

Anyway, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott are still together. Probably forever. And I’ll keep eating sunflower seeds. We’re all doomed.