The premiere of Kourtney and Kim Take New York begins this Sunday on E! In the first episode, the duo arrives to NYC, and slowly realize they have different agendas. I’m eagerly awaiting more of this Kardashian Krazyness (sic.)

kourtney and kim take new york city

The theme song from Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami (I’m in Miami Trick by LMFAO) seems to have been altered for Kourtney and Kim (I’m in the big city, bitch!) The Kourtney and Kim Take New York City theme song is basically the same. I wonder if soon the Kardashians’ will be in every city and have an appropriately altered theme song for their airport arrivals. (“I’m in Dallas, bitch!” “I’m in Scranton, bitch!” “I’m in Sarah Palins’ Alaskan country, bitch!”)

Kourtney wants to work on the third, new DASH store, be with baby Mason and reconcile with Scott. That’s a lot to do, right? Meanwhile, Kim wants to bond with Kourtney (citing how close they were as children) and find romance. On Kim’s SND aka Single Night Debut, Kourtney has no idea how important it is to be with her sister. Uh oh. Of course, some of this seems pretty obviously staged so that the two sisters have something interesting right off the bat. Kourtney likely knows she should stay, but wants to leave and knows it’s better for the show if she leaves.

The one problem with this series is that while Kim is the most famous of the three sisters, she’s also the one with the least outgoing personality. In this premiere episode you see how old-fashioned Kim is about dating. She refuses to ask for a guys number she wants, or to be the one to call him first. (Hello, you’re the famous one – you can’t expect guys not to be afraid to approach you without getting tasered.) Still, I’ve always related to Kim’s shy ways so it’s hard to judge her too harshly. Kim is also shy about telling Kourtney she wishes Scott would stay in his own room (which far too quickly becomes vacated.) He’s manipulative, and you can see him doing this already. He’s glad to be in NYC and he’s mastered the art of reverse psychology. When he suggests to Kourtney he leave and go back to his room, he knows he’s baiting her to tell him to stay. (If he’d ask to stay, she’d tell him to go. We humans aren’t that complicated. At least, the Kardashians’ aren’t.)

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