Are you racist against Australians? Oh. Man. Every new episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York is a chance for more Kim Kardashian quotes and funny Kourtney Kardashian quotes. (Kim isn’t as funny on purpose.) We also have some Scott Disick quotes to round everything out. He was surprisingly not a huge “Disick” in this episode, if you know what I mean. And if you’re a Kardashian fan, you probably do know.

kourtney and kim take new york city

“Scott never watched cartoons as a child. He never watched Sesame Street, only Ducktales.” – Kourtney
“I just liked when the guy jumps in the money and swims in it.” – Scott

(Bonus points if you re-enact this scene!)

“Do you think that if things get any farther he’s gonna protect your ass while he’s rubbing that ass?” – Scott

(Enunciate the words.)

“Do you think Shengo’s ever made love to a kangaroo?” – Funny Kourtney Kardashian Quotes

(Mime the action.)

“His voice is so sexual..” – Kourtney on Shengo
“His voice even gets me a little hot.” – Scott

(Tell a variation of this to telemarketers.)

“I hear money and it makes me sneeze.” – Scott

(Whenever anyone says “money” you must do this.)

“Get dolled up. Don’t wear any panties!” – Kourtney to Kim on dating advice

(This can be your sisterly advice for any occasion, even funerals.)

“I feel like a man without a Rolls.” – Scott

(Here we have a phrase you can use whenever and wherever. Because let’s be honest, you don’t have a Rolls either.)

“You’re so, like, being racist towards Australians.” – Kim Kardashian Quotes

(Anytime there is discrimination, call it racism.)

Kourtney and Kim Take New York: Sexy in the City Season 1 Episode 3

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