Can you believe we’ve had ten hour-long episodes of season 2 come and go already? We learned about Judaism, bought pianos as decoration, sat for really sad-looking portraits, and went to Dubai. Exhausting stuff!

The season finale of Kourtney and Kim Take New York airs tonight on E. The episode title is, “Goodbye, New York.” The previous episode left on a cliffhanger about what would happen now that Kim Kardashian had admitted she no longer wanted to be married to Kris Humphries. Of course, we all (seriously, everyone) know that they got divorced just 72 days after they said their vows.

The synopsis for the episode is short and silly, “As the couples time in New York draws to a close, Kim makes a decision about her marriage.” Gee, we wonder what the decision was. What’s more interesting will be to see how much “reality” about this vulnerable time period they’ll show in the episode.

However, there does seem to be more hope for Kourtney Kardashian and her boyfriend, Scott Disick. While he was once one of the reality TV stars we loved to hate, he’s grown up a lot and his humor has helped transform him into a likeable guy. Which sounds bogus, but is absolutely true. So even though Kim and Kris didn’t get stronger, this season has seen Kourtney and Scott grow closer. Which is nice, because they have a son (Mason) together. Or is it two, now? It’s pretty hard to keep up with these Kardashians, you know?