On the latest episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, both ladies were having man troubles.

People are watching the show to dissect what they can about Kim Kardashian and her marriage to Kris Humphries. And there’s plenty to check on. We’ve seen that Kim is a control + neat freak, and Kris is a playfully aggressive guy who doesn’t follow rules. A marriage counselor could have told these two not to get married and saved us all a lot of time. When this episode started, Kim and Kris were living in different cities and didn’t think it was weird. It was a month into their marriage. They’d never discussed where they were going to live, and neither seemed to think it was wrong for them to be a part (until Khloe Kardashian told Kim it was indeed very weird.)

During the episode we heard Kim mention that Kris was, “Like a big kid.” She also deadpanned to the camera that she was, “so excited to see him.” She’s a bad actress.

When the “lovebirds” were reunited, they spent their time trading insults about bad driving and body odor. Kim had come with an ultimatum about needing Kris to move back to NYC for her, insisting on compromise. But she would not compromise in considering to stay in Minnesota ever (where Kris trains and where his family is) or to ever move there to raise children. Again, these are big dealbreaker questions you generally tackle before getting married.

In the end, Kim cried and convinced Kris to come back to NYC with her. They both value their careers so much that they don’t want to sacrifice anything to make their marriage work. But in this case, Kris Humphries did. Kim Kardashian took a weekend trip to guilt trip her husband and will say that was her trying. But it’s pretty obvious that she is used to people folding and giving her what she wants.

Khloe had arrived to NYC in a pink fedora and managed to counsel both sisters. She did manage to help open Kourtney’s eyes and Kourtney and Scott made some progress. By shining a light on some stuff for Kim, all Khloe did was piss her sister off. But not at first, only when Kim realized she had to do things like take a trip out to Minnesota and miss a Hamptons weekend.

When Khloe and Kourtney woke Kim up to say goodbye, Kim was in a horrible mood and bitched out Khloe. Then she called Kourtney to complain. Then she e-mailed Khloe a vicious e-mail. All for unknowingly waking her up an hour before he alarm. It seemed like Kim was just pissed about her relationship and taking it out on Khloe, but this got taken to another level.

Wanna read it?! Kim Kardashian’s Vicious E-mail to Khloe Kardashian

Kourtney was faced with the idea of either committing to Scott (as a boyfriend) or cutting him loose. In watching episodes it shows that she really loves being a Mom to Mason. But she’s not interested in having much of a love life. As for why she re-committed to him at the end of the episode it seemed to be a reaction to realizing that without Scott, Mason wouldn’t grow up seeing two loving parents. But, they’re all playful and all want it to work so maybe it will.

We’ll sidebar to mention that Kourtney thinks she’s being helpful when she visits Scott’s parents house and starts reorganizing all of their stuff, deciding which stuff is so hideous and dated it needs to be thrown out. “I’ll buy you a new one,” she would say. And she had a very big problem with anything not perfect – a trash can with a dent in it? Throw it out and get a new one! “I’m being helpful,” Kourtney said. Also on Kourtney’s list of no-no’s is having an old-fashioned box TV. Maybe Kourtney needs to take a tour of Middle America for a wake-up call. She and Kim are tied for being the most spoiled Kardashian’s. Geez.

Two great hairstyles in this episode: Kim’s fishtail braid in Minnesota, and Khloe’s braid used as a hippie headband.

Remember guys, it’s Kourtney and Kim Take New York and not Kim and Kourtney take New York.