Now that you know all about Kony 2012 (and are likely furious) you may be looking for that list of celebrities to alert (and keep alerting) until they publicly recognize the issue and are willing to use their own celebrity to talk about it and then make Joseph Kony famous enough that America won’t stop until he is arrested.

The Stop Kony 2012 campaign has targeted 20 celebrities who are culture icons. These people can speak up and help others speak up (it’s masses that count, not just one celebrity) to help get Kony is arrested. Showing the support will make America help get this done.

Below, you’ll find what celebrities Kony 2012 has asked people to target. Their twitter names are provided, and you are meant to weet to them and ask for their vocal, public support.

Sample Tweet: Help stop the LRA in Central Africa. One thing we can all agree on. Join us please. #KONY2012

Twitter List – Kony 2012

  1. Oprah – @oprah
  2. Mark Zuckerberg – (No twitter)
  3. George Clooney – #georgeclooney #kony2012 (No twitter)
  4. Lady Gaga – @ladygaga
  5. Angelina Jolie – #angelinajolie #kony2012 (No twitter)
  6. Justin Bieber – @justinbieber
  7. Rihanna – @rihanna
  8. Jay-z – @s_c_
  9. Rush Limbaugh – @rushlimbaugh
  10. Ben Affleck – @eastcongonews
  11. Ryan Seacrest – @ryanseacrest
  12. Tim Tebow – @timtebow
  13. Ellen Degenres – @theellenshow
  14. Bill Gates – @billgates
  15. Stephen Colbert – @stephenathome
  16. Taylor Swift – @taylorswift13
  17. Rick Warren – @rickwarren
  18. Warren Buffett – @w_buffett
  19. Bono – @onecampaign
  20. Bill O’reilly – @oreillyfactor