Last week on DWTS 2011 Kirsty Alley got her first 10 of the season. This week she had even more dancing to do. This made things tense for Team Kirstie. She explained her dynamic with her partner, Maks, by smashing her talking fingers/hands together. While it got a laugh from the crowd, I think we all know that’s not a pleasant situation to be in, no matter who you are.

(I’ve never been silent about the fact that I think Maks is overly rude to his partners. But he delivers results, yes. At what emotional price, I don’t know.)

One of us has to stay normal,” Maks explained to Kirstie during rehearsal. No clue which one of them decided to take that role. The pair bickered, yelled, screeched, and generally got increasingly frustrated with each other in rehearsals. Dancing the Vienesse Waltz, the pair looked like they’d finally simmered down.

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What did the judges think about this waltz? They liked it a tiny bit more than I did. (I thought it was okay, but not necessarily the best dancing on the show. I think Kirstie is voted back every week because of her fame, not her dancing skills.)

Len – “Beautiful posture, lovely sweeping movements…you did well. That was a great dance. Well done.”

Bruno – “Well done, my darling!”

Carrie Ann – “I’m impressed. The technique was fantastic. You bring us into the whole performance.”

Kirstie laughed and called the pair oil and water. Their score was 27/30 and they had gotten a standing ovation. “I’m just happy,” Kirstie giggled.

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