Kirstie and Maks made it to the finals of Dancing with the Stars season 12. They were given a samba to dance, and Bruno to give them some tips. Kirstie said two nine’s wasn’t good enough – she wants three ten’s. Did she do it?

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She owned the dance floor! What did the judges think about this energized samba?  Carrie Ann used the word “ooze” to describe them.

Len –  “It was less aggressive, less full on, but it had a lovely naturalness to it. It could have been a little bit crisper, but lovely job.”

Bruno –  “Softer, rich, full of lively pleasures…full of womanhood…your feet are always good…”

Carrie Ann –  “I love what you did. There’s sort of like an ooze factor. That was a really great samba.”

Kirstie and Maks score was 27/30. Three 9’s! It might not be three 10’s, but it’s still good.
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