On Kourtney and Kim Take New York last night Khloe came to visit her sisters and get some acupuncture to relieve stress. It ended up freaking her out, and now we remember why the idea of acupuncture seems so great only in theory.

kim kardashian nakedMeanwhile Kourtney found out that Scott had been in yet another bar fight, and Kim was “shocked” that W Magazine had produced some provocative pictures of her. You’ll recall the November issue of W Magazine that had an image of Kim Kardashian with the words “It’s all about me / I mean you / I mean me.” Nude with silver paint, we’re not entirely sure how shocked she’s allowed to realistically be, given that she’s already posed nude for Playboy.

And yet, then again – if you see Kim’s reaction in the videos below, we all know she’s not that good of an actress. She was actually surprised and very upset. Somehow, we end up on her side, every time.

But let’s not forget that Kayne West was also in the episode!

kourtney and kim take new york

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