Kim Kardashian was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She wore the oddest dress…it looked like watercolored body armor. That’s the best way to describe it. Which is an incredible turn-around from having one of the best dresses of The Emmy’s (shown below.) Luckily, close-up her dress looked good. But in the long shots it was not as attractive-looking.

On dressing for The Emmy’s:

“For The Emmy’s, I think you dress for women.”

On her Emmy’s date:

“My Mom was my date. Yea, she kinda forced that upon me. She’s really forceful when it’s a big awards show. Something fun.”

On singing at The Emmy’s:

“Yes, it was the first time I’ve sang (in public.) Thank God it was a joke. … I wasn’t (nervous.)”

The one alcoholic beverage she likes:

“It tastes like chocolate milk.” (A White Russian.)

On Justin Bieber:

“He’s a cute kid, and that’s it. For the record, I am not dating Justin Bieber, and I would not date Justin Biber.” (She clarified to say she wouldn’t because even if he was legal, she’s still much older than him. And how did I become the person to defend her? Bizarre!)

I like that Kim discussed how she isn’t a fan of drinking or drugs, and that’s how she doesn’t end up in trouble like certain other celebs. She also mentioned that she only has a very occasional drink, and emphasized that she’s 30. For any other dumb thing she may have said, I think it’s very admirable that she promotes a healthy idea about drinking.

Kim said that after the Emmy’s, she and Kelly Osbourne ordered sushi and were so tired they decided not to go to any parties.

Kim is the new spokesperson for Lip Fusion, and Carrot Top came out to try it. It only improved his looks.