Do Kim Kardashian’s newest statements secretly reveal the truth about her marriage being a sham?

Kim Kardashian was the co-host on Live with Kelly today, and naturally she opened up about her divorce. Not that you have forgotten, but she got divorced from Kris Humphries after 72 days.

Kim Kardashian with her sister Kourtney Kardashian

Rumors have circled that the wedding was merely a business deal and publicity stunt. (There’s also that pesky “you shot this scene in New York and then said it happened in Dubai” tidbit.) Many have asked how on earth a marriage that lasts just 72 days could have ever been entered into with realistic intent. It is also noted that Kardashian profited extensively from the ordeal. She refutes that but saying if it was a business deal she would have kept the marriage going longer. But is that true?

She follows up that statement by saying she also didn’t seem to think people would care so about it when she ended it. But they did. In responding to the controversy of her marriage she said, “I didn’t think following my heart would create this much backlash.”

For those watching the ordeal unfold on (the heavily edited) Kourtney and Kim Take New York, it seemed like Kim’s heart was never in her marriage. She was all but okay to let her newly wed husband live in a different state, until Khloe Kardashian confronted her about how it wasn’t normal.

Once Humphries was living in New York with Kim, he hardly needed a bad edit to show what a jerk he must be with to live alongside. He has since come out on the record as saying everything, including his proposal, was scripted. What the viewers saw was not Kim Kardashian trying to make her marriage work so much as just trying to power through to some unseen goal.

The question that’s harder to figure out is if she was trying to power through after making a terrible mistake of marrying him in all serious, or in knowing she only had to stay married for a certain amount of time until he could drop him. (And when he treated her so poorly, it makes sense that she wanted to end the marriage even sooner. And why he thought he could treat his newlywed so badly without repercussions. Maybe he was just shrugging and thinking, “We have a contract, bitch!”)

Kardashian told Kelly Ripa, “I definitely tried everything I felt like I could. I want babies. I want forever love. I just felt like, you know, if I feel in my heart that this isn’t right, then why wait years to have the same result?”

There was perhaps one spark of substance in what she said on Live with Kelly when she stated, “I really learned that I just need to rewrite my fairytale.” For a girl who has now lived the “perfect” wedding, does this mean she’s ready to now stop following the rules of what she expects to happen?