Be the (ruthless) teacher and grade the poster for Khloe and Lamar: The TV Show.  And face it, it’s only a matter of time until we have Khloe and Lamar: The his and her fragrances.

For Lamar, this photo cements the only two things we know about him.He plays basketball and he loves Khloe.

For Khloe, you can never tell how much they photoshop these days. The dress is actually attractive (if not majorly mis-matched for the casual vibe of Lamar’s outfit – and yes, outfits should be thematically united in a promotional TV poster), so her stylist gets credit. Her head is tilted in a peculiar way, as though the photographer was giving her so much direction she forgot to prove she had a neck. Also: her high hair makes me think she’s a Judd sister, and not a Kardashian. The image of her seems to cement the idea of “I want to be in the spotlight, but I also don’t – so let me hide behind five miles of hair!”

Weird, wacky, and entertaining, you know I’ll be watching the new Khloe and Lamar TV show.

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