funny commercials

Kevin Nealon will be hosting the Funniest Commercials of the Year on TBS with guest star Fred Willard. I love Nealon on Weeds, and I love Willard in general. I happened to have just watched him in the movie Best in Show. (Rather than watching the actual dog show on Thanksgiving, I opted for that because it was on Netflix Watch Instantly, I’m very crafty.)

The website has ten of the top commercials and you can vote for your favorite. I am a fan of the one with Chinchillas, although it does show them in an unusual light…

Watch TBS on Dec. 15 at 10/9c to see the most hilarious ads of 2009!

Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority:Chin-Chilli Day: If trained correctly, those extraordinary chinchillas could have been very useful factory workers. Oh, well.