kesha on snlDeclaring that “your love, your love, your love is my drug” one-hit-wonder Kesha (Ke$ha) seemed to be channeling a tribal feeling as she appeared on the SNL stage in feathers and head-to-toe glow in the dark body paint (as did her band). Looking like a clown, the performance was no better than you’d expect teens impersonating Lady Gaga on Youtube to be.

At the end of the song Kesha called out, “It’s Saturday night!” and instead of cheers, there was silence. She then coyly tried, “You wanna make out?” Whether this is part of the song, or just something she was saying for SNL – the silence was embarrassing. She seemed to truly recognize that she’d made a mistake from watching her body language. The SNL camera stayed on her almost 15 painful seconds after her song was over and she crawled on the floor, then pretended to preen.

SNL, first Justin Bieber and now Ke$ha? Can you not get anyone better? I don’t even want to mention Ryan Phillipe – since when was he relevant? Phillipe hosting SNL was my dream back in 1999 when he was a teen hearthrob. He just did the SNL film MaGruber, which is why he was very likely asked to host. But in the movie he’s the straight-faced dude. Phillipe doesn’t do comedy. If he can do comedy, it’s a strange choice to not be funny tonight.

Live from New York, it’s a painful Saturday Night.