kesha snl

Good morning – I wish I had better news for you today. However. Ahem. As we previously mentioned, SNL last night was a frickin’ bleepin’ neon disaster. This was partly due to the musical performances by Kesha (Ke$ha). Not only is her name confusing, but people seem to be legitimately confused about how she was offered a spot on the show. Who wants to listen to her? Her first song was “Tik Tok” where she mused about whether not we’re the aliens, and did stuff with lasers that people from the 80’s would have been mildly impressed with. She wore a cape that was the American Flag, and her dancers in the back were dressed like astronauts in silver spandex. In a word: classy.

For her second song, Ke$ha performed “Your Love is My¬† Drug”. There are not many words to describe this. While the first song I would expect to see performed at Roswell, the second I’d think would be at home at a low-rent carnival cruise. Someone absolutely needs to dress like this for Halloween.

ke$ha snl

kesha on snl