Whether you bought this book because you love her, or because you were curious – you contributed to her accomplishment. We’re not therapists – but how does that make you feel? (Unclean? Happy? Gassy?)

Kendra at a book signing. / Ph: Kendra’s blog

Reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson seems to have a blessed life. Some people work all of their lives on a book never to have it seen the light of a bookstore. But Wilkinson somehow found time between being a wife, TV star, and new mother to pen #4 New York Times’ Bestseller book. It’s called “Sliding into Home” and the sexual innuendo in the title still makes us blush on behalf of the ever-shameless ex of Hugh Hefner.

Kendra Wilkinson Writes Bluntly about her First Sexual Encounter with Hugh Hefner

She went to her blog in order to tell fans:

AHHHH i can’t believe it!!!!!!! Sliding Into Home debuted at #4 on the NY Times bestsellers list!!!!!!! This is such an amazing feeling and i never could have done this without all of u. Thank u soooo much for all the support…it has meant the world to me. I hope u all enjoyed reading my book as much as i enjoyed writing it 🙂

Gah. Will you read this book? Have you already read this book?