Kelly Osbourne is...uh, yea. / ABC

Kelly Osbourne is...uh, yea. / ABC

I don’t know why they don’t call Dancing with the “Stars” something more appropriate like When “Celebrities” Get Hurt! Not only did Kelly Osbourne look terrifyingly weird (and not in a  good way) performing her pasa doble, but she hurt her foot badly enough to warrant a trip to the hospital.

I’m more concerned about her hair! You guys, she’s got a lovely voluptuous figure and a great complexion. So the only thing to do is wear makeup to rival Liza Minnelli and make her hair look like she just got shocked? WHO IS HER STYLIST? What is the DEAL with making Kelly look so ugly all the time?

In case no one gets sarcasm delibered through text.. Obviously I know that physical injuries are more important than style ones, but at this point I’m not shocked at hearing about injuries on Dancing with the Stars. I think the show pretty much banks on it happening to get more viewers interested in the entire thing.

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