Ken Jeong. Hashtags. Kelly Ripa! The Kelly Clarkson Cautionary Christmas Tale was tons of fun. Read the live recap below.

kelly clarkson christmas cautionary tale 2013 2014

She’s in red, she’s singing, and it’s CHRISTMASTIME. Photo: NBC

Funny Quotes worth sharing

“Don’t you need to do drugs to get into rehab?”

“George Clooney is gonna play Santa Claus. …He can stuff anything in my stocking.”

“Sarah McLaughlan has the corner on sad puppies. You’d be sucking hind…”

“Here’s the pitch, you go on The Voice. …winning one of those competitions would do wonders for your career.”

“My best friend George?” (Clooney)

“It was headed for a multi-reindeer pile-up.”

“I am so turned on in the most ruthless way.”

“Something with Elves?” – Blake Shelton

“And with that handshake, Kelly sealed her fate. Because she made a deal with someone extremely dangerous. No, not the devil. A network Television executive.”

Kelly Clarkson – Run, Run, Rudolph

She was wearing: Red dress with sequins and fringe. Red lips. Sheer panels. A little more Dolly Parton than I’d like for her. But points for originality!

William Shatner! And more to the plot of the little girl reading from a storybook.

Reba McEntire. Trisha Yearwood. TMZ mention.

Kelly Clarkson, Reba McEntire, Trisha Yearwood – Silent Night

She was wearing: A floor length red gown that fell off the shoulders and was poofy with red tule. A true ball gown. And her microphone was red and sparkly, too.

Hey, I think it’s working… I’m suddenly so much more interested in listening to Kelly Clarkson songs, and her new album. Dammit.

Kelly Clarkson – My Favorite Things (Jazz)

She was wearing: a 40’s inspired fit-n-flare red cocktail dress with red lace applique, and a deep V neckline along the chest.

It’s no coincidence that Carrie Underwood was singing this for NBC’s “The Sound of Music” event and now Kelly’s singing it. They want to remind you that it’s all happening on NBC. And, it is kind of funny that these are two stars from a FOX show, but NBC has nabbed them both and are scoring outrageously good ratings with them. (They are even replaying “The Sound of Music” Live event. Just not, er, live. You know what I mean.

Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped in Red”

She was wearing: An off-the-shoulder long red gown with a sweetheart neckline. Ruby and diamonds choker style necklace. Hair pulled over one shoulder. Very elegant.

NBC fans of The Voice LOVE us some Blake Shelton. And I love this storyline where Kelly’s being a diva and …it’s just all working REALLY well. Bravo NBC, BRAVO.

Kelly Clarkson – Please Come Home for Christmas

She was wearing: Sparkly! A glittery, body-conscious red gown. This was the “sexy” dress, for sure.

Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Natalie Cole, Heidi Klum

Kelly Clarkson – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

She was wearing: a deep V-neck, flirty party dress that was very 50’s inspired with a full cocktail skirt. The waist was cinched with a red satin bow.

Kelly Clarkson – “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”>

She was wearing: Red cocktail dress that hit above-the-knees. Allegedly “hemmed wrong.” Heh.

HERE COME THE TEARS. I don’t even want George anymore!

SOMEONE’s promoting GoDaddy. I don’t even know who ti is, though. Racecar driver?

FINALE – Kelly Clarkson – “Underneath the Tree”>

She was wearing: Red on cream/white dress with tulle. Flowers looked like coral, a bit.

And so, Kelly Clarkson saved Christmas. Let’s make it an annual tradition, yea?

Blake Shelton as an elf. I really wanted him to sing with her, though.

“For me, I guess Christmas means ironing. I am Blake Shelton,I am way too cool for this! You know who knows the truth about what happened here? SANTA!” – Blake Shelton

REACT: Are you going to buy the actual album of “Wrapped in Red” from a store or on iTunes, or will you just listen on Spotify and YouTube? Would you agree that “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” was the best performance of the show? Anyone know who played Poppy? Or the girl in the chair?