keeping up with the kardashians

These sisters are crazy in that uncomfortably awkward and "poor you" kind of way, except that they're super rich. So, screw them.

If Kim Kardashian had her way Penelope Cruz would be playing her in a movie of her life. Because Cruz is OBVS the most logical choice for her. (In a picture to picture comparison on Kim’s site, they have a really ugly picture of Penelope up, which I think is hysterical.)  Sisters Khloe and Kourtney both said they would see Kim as played by JLO. I think even that isn’t fair to Jenifer Lopez.

In casting, Khloe sees herself as married to Denzel Washington (for Lamar). Kris Jenner is seen as Meg Ryan? WTFrak! I can’t understand any of their choices, and the only movie I see being made here is some sort of 90’s Lifetime one where Tori Spelling plays all of the parts.

For Khloe: Kim picked Liv Tyler for Khloe and Kourtney picked Mandy Moore, but Kloe see’s Drew Barrymore in the role.

For Lamar: Khloe picked Denzel Washington, but Kim see’s Gary Coleman as the best one to fill his big shoes.

For “momager” Kris: Sharon Stone, Meg Ryan and Katherine Zeta Jones would be sent the script.

For Scott: The 3 sisters we’re all in agreement that Christian Bale from “American Psycho” should play Kourtney’s baby daddy Scott. We see a definite resemblance there.