Although America’s Got Talent is a family show, one of the most popular acts verges on pornographic.

The cover for: Pops, Locks & Shimmies with SADIE and KAYA Belly Dance Instructional DVD

The duo of Kaya and Sadie perplex us. They are one of the most popular acts on America’s Got Talent this season, and considered to be one of the main contenders. Rather than be embarrassed about promoting this act, the judges love up on it.

Tonight’s performance felt grossly over-sexualized and far too erotic for network TV (especially when networks won’t air the much tamer Lane Bryant commercials.) The camera zoomed in on fleshy bits, and the judges made remarks about how “I’m married so I can’t say too much… ” or “he’s hypnotized!” Sex sells, but is this America’s Got Sex or America’s Got Talent? Does sex or sexual influence truly equate with talent?

The judges remarks about tonight’s performance:

Howie proclaimed, “You’re going to Hollywood! I just…watch. When you bend backwards…”

Morgan said, “I found both your bellies extremely charming tonight.”

Sharon stated, “I thought that it was fantastic. Very entertaining.”

Jumping up and down while their breasts bounced in a lewd fashion (not to mention looking badly tanned with heaps of body glitter) we have to ask ourselves, is this really America’s true talent?

No doubt, there is a talent and art to belly dancing. But these two don’t seem to do it well. There is no cultural respect you can siphon from their performance. They act more like glorified strippers than bellydancers.  Rather than looking like a fluid partnership, the few second lag on the second, less-skilled dancer (who is also much taller) catches the attention and sticks out like a proverbial sore thumb.

Are we screwed, America?