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Photo Credit:, Katie Holmes Candids On the Set of 'Son of No One' - April 12 2010

I have been worried about Katie Holmes for a long time. I know that I can’t help her – I don’t know her. And Scientology is a scary thing to mess with, unless you have re-enforcements. When I heard there was a video clip of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise performing together, I couldn’t help but watch. The entire experience was painful. I feel so sad for Holmes. We’ve known she can’t sing since she was on Dawson’s Creek and they tried to have Joey Potter sing “On My Own” from Les Miserables and everyone said she sounded like a chipmunk. The problem is that in all the years since, her voice hasn’t changed very much. The girl cannot sing. And that’s not even the most painful part.

While Katie’s dancing was okay, her interaction with her husband Tom, looked so forced. They seem awkward together, and cheesy in the non-good way. If ever you wanted validation that their marriage is a sham, I think they just gave it to us.

Katie sings “Whatever Lola Wants” from the musical Damn Yankees. Tom is there, doing nothing. Scientology is as big a joke as they are.

See? Not impressive. It’s like they were there not to perform because they’re talented people, but just because of who they are. This is putting them on par with reality stars.

This seems to be Katie’s go-to song. She’s performed it in high school, and then again on the Rosie O’Donnel show.

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When Katie Holmes was younger, she had such a fun personality and was so charming. What happened to her?I genuinely hope that Suri Cruise is okay and that Katie is as well.

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