Five new episodes of Glee with…Katie Holmes? And not our Pre-Cruise, sweet Joey Potter Holmes. Oh, no. But that doesn’t matter. Because no matter when you look at Katie Holmes – there’s one fact that remains the same: her voice is so bad it wouldn’t get her to the initial Hollywood phase on American Idol.

Katie Holmes with Anna Paquin and Jeremy Strong on the set of The Romantics

Back in the late 90’s we (read: my awesome TV friends on fanforum or somewhere) all used to joke that Joey Potter (Dawson’s Creek) sounded like a chipmunk when she sang a Les Miserables song for a talent show. (Why didn’t Holmes score a part in those Alvin movie remakes?)

Luckily, this gossip is from a source we wouldn’t consider highly reputable.

The National Enquirer claims:
“Katie is finalizing a deal to join the cast for a limited story line next season. Katie’s film career has stalled, and she’s desperately needs a career boost. She’s hoping a stint on Glee will jumpstart her standing in Hollywood.”

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Why it could be true: Holmes allegedly is friends with both Dianna Agron (her costar for the movie The Romantics) and Ryan Murphy

Why it’s not true: It’s just not! Gossip Cop has confirmed the rumor is false.

Here’s the important question: Would you ever want to see Katie Holmes on Glee?