katie-cassidy-picturesDear Katie Cassidy,

We seriously need to talk. A little girl chat, if you will. And really it’s not your choice, so just sit back and listen. I understand that you attended 6th Annual Hollywood Style Awards. I understand that because I’m looking at pictures of you there. However, I don’t understand what you’re wearing or how much someone had to pay you to wear it with a smile. I mean,¬† (and I am not quoting Grey’s Anatomy when I say this) seriously? Was the concept for your look Twisted dominatrix barbie meets sprightly young Bond girl? If so, then you NAILED the look! I could also fully understand if this was something you were trying on to get cast in a live action Jetsons movie. But otherwise… Where do we start?

The hair is interesting and sculptural, but your poofy shoulder pad things are fighting for attention. It’s three big poofs. The wingspan on those things is ridiculous, btw. And if we’ve learned anything via Project Runway it’s that you can have expensive materials and the bet of intentions and still create something that just reads as cheap. And you, you wore a dress that reads cheaply. The material the deep v-neck is lined with…it’s bad. Really bad.


Your shoes? Well. That’s ONE way to pick up on a trend a year too late (like a bad Candies knockoff) and also give your feet hammertoes because LORD KNOWS¬† there’s no support with those things. I haven’t worn shoes like this, but I’ve pretended to and it was no picnic. I’m just sayin’.

I also hate your predictable tattoos, but I think that’s just me.

And I want you to know that I actually kinda-sorta-maybe think you’re an okay actress. You were Ruby on Supernatural before Ruby was fully evil, and you were a beautifully doomed bride-to-be on Harper’s Island (which is a totally stupid-wonderful miniseries you can watch instantly on Netflix!). Now you’re on that Melrose Place show, and well… yea. The point is, I think you can do better. I believe in you Katie Cassidy. You’re blonde and pretty and it just should NOT be this hard for you to look good on a red carpet. I think that next time maybe you should rule out the outfit that says ‘Inspired by a transgendered dinosaur’ and go for something simpler. Although if this is your take on a ‘little black dress’ I’d hate to see what you wore to prom…


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