Looking classically lovely, although oddly different (wildly photoshopped?), Katherine Heigl appears on the cover of Harper’s Bazar this month. Heigl plays opposite Ashton Kutcher in The Killers, a movie that doesn’t look at all interesting to me. (I have her movies 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth both a shot, and both were time wasters!) Heigl is married to Josh Kelly, and the pair have adopted a baby Korean girl named Naleigh. The interview weaves through the major themes of her life, including why she’s decided to leave Grey’s Anatomy. She doesn’t seem to like the show, or living in Hollywood.

Katherine Heigl photo by Alexi Lubomirski
Katherine Heigl photo by Alexi Lubomirski

On speaking up:
“I spent so many years just saying what I felt without thinking about the ramifications, without understanding that I have this opinion but not everyone might share that opinion and now they don’t like me because of it. That was really awkward.

“I was really raised with the idea that it’s important to be honest and to share your experiences, both disappointing and exhilarating. But sometimes I think the American public just wants to see my life as good fortune. They don’t want to know about the day-to-day. It ruins the fantasy. It’s lame to say that I’m a normal girl, but I think I am.”

On her dog, Mojo:
“I started crying,” says Katherine. “I said, ‘Where’s your heart? Where’s your soul? I’m supposed to be marrying you, and you don’t know who I am by now,’ and he’s like, ‘Fine, just take the dog. Jesus.'”

On baby fashion:
“Dude, I try, but I’m not nailing the baby fashion. It’s intimidating. I get beautiful outfits from Gap and baby Juicy, but I’m not layering it or putting her in Prada flats. It’s really stressing me out.”

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