Kate-Gosselin-for-Dancing-With-the-StarsOne of the professional dancers on Dancing with the Stars, Louis Van Amstel (partner to Niecy Nash) has spoken out about Kate Gosselin. He told Us.com a very telling quote about Kate: “You’d have to break her down and then teach — what’s going on, what’s holding you down. She needs a psychologist, that’s what it is…In the end, I felt really bad for Kate.”

As someone who worked in close quarters with Kate, but not close enough to have signed any confidentiality agreements, I feel this is one of the most honest answers we’ll ever get about what this woman is like. No doubt, she was upset when she eliminated. Even I saw the clips of her crying. But I think the quote tells us more than just that.

Notice that after Amstel has admitted he (in a choppy sentence) thinks Kate should see a psychologist, he then follows up with pity. It’s as though he feels guilty for saying what he’s said. You can argue he was only talking about how to help her dance, but the reasons that she couldn’t fully embrace the dancing had nothing to do with dance – and everything to do with her life. Reality TV personalities are becoming very damaged people more often than not, emotionally harming themselves in the quest for fame and money, and even out of a sense of obligation.