lost season six

Like many LOST fans, I find myself looking for tiny clues everywhere. (Does St. Sebastian Hospital mean anything? Do we know a Sebastian? Can we overlook any detail?) Last night two things really struck me as interesting clues. First is one I’m sure many people will note – Kate Austen is not a “candidate”. Her name must be crossed-out. I wonder why that is? It’s clear she was a potential at some point, Jacob brought her to the island. So when did she fall out of his eyes?

The second thing was the scale with the black rock (which is the name of that Pirate ship, right?) and the white stone. They were both on the scale, and they seemed pretty equal even though the white stone was much larger than the black one. Is this an observation about how they need more “good” to balance out just a small amount of “bad”? That is, if white = good and black = bad. That seems to be the case, if the Smoke monster is any indication. After Lost season six finishes, I want to go back and watch season one and see how well they line up and mesh.

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