How do you spell inevitable? It surely involves a situation that involves Taylor Swift, Kanye West and the VMA‘s. As no one can forget, West upstaged Swift at last year’s event.

This year? Of course they invited him back. TO PERFORM. So, not only is he nominated, he’s performing. And Taylor Swift? Yea, she’ll be there too. She’s up for an award and expected to present.

West tweeted earlier today, “Just met with MTV and it’s about to go down! VMA’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And yes, he’s been all over Twitter since he joined. No clue why he hadn’t joined sooner. Really, isn’t Twitter built for people of this exact mindset who think everyone needs to know what brand of floss you used that morning?

We don’t know the host as of now, but why not have Kanye and Swift be joint hosts? You know the VMA’s will have some sort of stunt with them together, so why not make it huge? If not, why couldn’t they have not invited West to perform? His bad behavior shouldn’t warrant…oh, it gave them really good ratings? And they like that? That’s right.