Blake Shelton says this is your dark horse.  So what do you think of this steed?

Justin Rivers

Justin Rivers

Being from the South, he was chewing on a few vowels and has to work on that.

I like his personality a lot, he seems like a truly NICE person. And we need more nice people.

Overall, I enjoyed this. But I started feeling tired and he doesn’t stand out SO much…so I feel lukewarm about NEEDING him to be voted through. How do you guys feel? (And forget Josiah Hawley, Justin Rivers looks like HE could be a male model. Damn.)

His song was “Meet in the Middle” by Diamond Rio.

“Man, that was freaking cool.” – Usher


“I think you ARE a huge surprise. I’m a fan. Damn you (Blake.)” – Adam Levine

“I loved watching the experience.” – Blake Shelton

Justin Rivers Meet in the Middle Video

Video is added quickly, as soon as NBC releases their high-quality option!

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