Is Justin Miller (Randy Wayne) too good to be true? It’s possible that he’s been hiding another pretty big secret…

Emma and Justin dance in The Lying Game. It's hard to find good pictures of Randy Wayne from TLG!

We know you’ve been adding up the clues for yourself, week by week on The Lying Game. But last night’s episode of “Never Have I Ever” really cemented the idea that  Justin is related to Emma and Sutton (Alexandra Chando). Could it be possible that the two twins weren’t the only ones separated? Is Annie the mother of all three? Let’s go over the evidence.

Justin took careful measure to get close to the Mercer family. Although, he hasn’t seem interested in anyone but Laurel (Allie Gonino) and Mr. Mercer. He’s never seemed to probe Emma/Sutton too much. We know that Justin’s parents are MIA – although he’s had an excuse for that. We know that he’s been hiding a picture of the Mercer family in his box of secrets, and that – here’s the clincher – he gave Laurel a bracelet that was his Mothers which Mr. Mercer recognized! Could that bracelet have been Annie’s?

What do you think? Could Justin be related to Emma and Sutton?