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So, SNL is hilarious tonight because Tina Fey knows what she’s doing.I am not a fan of Justin Bieber, however. So when he started singing (and I did not like it) I went to Twitter to see what fans were saying. Was this maybe a bad performance? Well, I ‘ll never know – because apparently a huge Justin Bieber controversy is going down on twitter RIGHT NOW. I have never seen anything like this. I guess people’s sense of personal entitlement is growing more and more these days.

From what I have deduced, there are two Justin Bieber twitter accounts that were supporting Bieber and trying to get him on SNL – Bieberarmy and Bieberonsnl. Justin Bieber sent tickets to a private concert to just one of the twitter accounts – Biberarmy. So now, instead of Justin Bieber trending along with Tina Fey, Bieberarmy is the word that is trending (and Tina Fey). The Biber controvery is bigger than Bieber himself.

Apparently, Biberarmy received tickets for a reason entirely not about SNL, but for organizing a buyout where the CDs purchased went to children’s hospitals. Justin issued tickets to them out of appreciation. Meanwhile, BiberonSNL was cranky, thinking Biberarmy had gotten SNL tickets. This became a huge war, and Biberarmy was trending for at least an hour.

BieberonSNL: I honestly think I should be at SNL.. like idk I just think that I did Sooo much

BieberonSNL: I’m not watching SNL I’m actually watching the nanny right now.. but I’m tired good night (: thanks for the support.. I love u all! 🙂

BieberonSNL: NO go and watch it don’t worry about me

Justin Bieber later tweeted some PR damage control:

Will never forget 2nite. It was INCREDIBLE!! Thank u for the opportunity and thanks to everyone at SNL and Tina Fey for just being fun

Thanks to all the fans like @BieberOnSNL that helped get me here. I got 4 tix for u to my private show tomorrow. Gotta show love. Thanks

dont know what it was about 2nite…but I just felt like a baby bunny smelling a spring flower. felt good. like salt and freshly baked bread

still cant believe i was on SNL. doing some press today then private show at a secret location tonight. and i see what is going on….

im still the same kid that started on youtube…still the kid that wakes up everyday feeling blessed to have the fans i have….

still grateful and still DM, FOLLOWING, and Replying. From the fan groups to the single fan in a small town like the one im from i see u all