Matthew Perry is promoting his new show, Mr. Sunshine (which looks decent). While on The Ellen DeGeneres Show he actually had some scoop about Justin Bieber. If you have plans on stalking the Biebs, this would come in handy.

Matthew: I heard that Justin Bieber, I know who that is…
Ellen: Yes, he’s here tomorrow actually.
Matthew: I found out that he, when he checks into a hotel, we all use fake names, he uses Chandler Bing.

Ellen: Well now people know.
Matthew: Yeah, gotta find a new one, pal.
Ellen: And now you can use Justin Bieber. You’d never get followed.
Matthew: Yeah, I would never. That’s the worst name I could use!
Ellen: Yeah, that would be a bad name to use.

Maybe he’ll start using Doctor Ross Gellar or Joey Tribbiani? Oops! And single guys: try using Justin Bieber as your name for hotels, maybe you’ll get lucky (in more ways than one…)

Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.