It’s time to head back to Harlan tomorrow night when Justified Season 5 premieres on FX. And it will come as no surprise to you that one guys seems to have trouble following him no matter where he goes.

Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens

Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens

Yep… that’s the guy. Click through to find out what to expect when the show returns.

I’ve had a chance to check out the first two episodes back of this hit FX series, and just like all previous seasons – it comes back firing on all cylinders. It’s nice to have a show you know just won’t disappoint!

Here are 5 things to expect in the first two episodes of Season 5.


Seriously, y’all. It’s an endless stream of new faces. I lost count. Some are more familiar than others – you may have heard that Michael Rapaport is the head of the new Big Bad Family and that Alicia Witt plays another member of said family. There are a few other famous faces that I didn’t realize would be on this season, so I’ll keep it a surprise for you as well. But what works about this parade of new characters is that you never as the viewer seem overwhelmed. They were all immediately understandable characters that you were able to keep track of in their different scenarios. Well played, writers. Well played.


Just because there is that HUGE group of new characters to keep track of, doesn’t mean that we don’t run into some familiar faces we’ve met over the years. Such as Stephen Root’s Judge Reardon, Rick Gomez’s AUSA Vasquez, and Natalie Zea’s Winona. There are also a few more I don’t want to ruin for you, including my favorite recurring character of the past few seasons. Needless to say, it seems that if you find yourself pulled into Raylan’s (or Boyd’s, for that matter) gravitational orbit, it’s very hard to get out of it. No matter how hard he tries to push you out!


I’m not saying characters you care about die. I’m just saying along with new characters, I also lost count of all the deaths. There are a lot. Some slightly more bloody than others.


I love this show for a lot of reasons, but the extreme level of snark that spews from the mouths of every character no matter the situation, well that may be my favorite thing. And that wonderful writing style does not disappear in the slightest in Justified Season 5. From Raylan on down the line – snark, snark, snark. They speak my language in Harlan County.


Walton Goggins is a god among men. He has never disappointed as Harlan’s resident outlaw/best frenemy of Raylan. But this season he just takes it to a new level. Working with Wynn Duffy (Jere Burns and Jere Burns’ eyebrows) to deal with the fallout of last season in the Detroit Mob scene while also dealing with Ava (the magnificent Joelle Carter) being in prison leaves Boyd burning the candles from both ends. And it just gets worse for him as time goes on, of course. Goggins takes every moment – the quiet and the loud – and works it perfectly. Someone give the man an award (all the awards) already. Also… sometimes I would remember this is the same man who so heartbreakingly played a transvestite on Sons of Anarchy the past two seasons and I’d be dumbfounded by the sheer level of talent he has. Bravo, Goggins.

Anyway, here’s my point… You should be watching!


Justified Season 5 premieres tomorrow (Tuesday) night, January 7th, on FX at 10pm. 

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