I have a hard time choosing my favorite show on television. When people ask me to choose, I start to have a bit of a panic attack. A real Sophie’s Choice moment. I pretty much never give one answer. But always finding it’s way into that Top 5 list I cheat and answer with – Justified. It is just my kind of show. Beautifully plotted season arcs, dry humor, completely underrated acting. It’s just great and Season 4 looks to be following through with the same high level.

And with this season’s twists and turns, we get some new faces in the mix in Harlan. But at “Hole in the Wall” showed, they aren’t necessarily the brainiest bunch.

Per usual, the premiere is a set up of the season’s arc. The amount of time that’s passed didn’t appear to be mentioned (if it was, I missed it) but it hasn’t been too long, one can assume. Winona (Natalie Zea – who will remain recurring on the series, but has moved on to The Following) is still pregnant. Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) is still living above the bar and making sexy time with the pretty bartender lady Lindsey (Jenn Lyon). Boyd (Walton Goggins), Ava (Joelle Carter) and Johnny (David Meunier) are still running the bar and whore house where Ellen Mae (Abby Miller) still works. Rachel (Erica Tazel) is still giving Raylan the “Seriously?” look at everything he does and says. And while Art (Nick Searcy) and Tim (my absolute favorite, Jacob Pitts) weren’t in the episode, one can assume they do the same still as well. So basically…. Harlan is still just the way we left it.

But what is new? Because things have to be new, right? Well, first, the something old. Like really old. (Not really old, because this happened several years post-my birth and I’m not that old!!) In January, 1983, a man went splat in the middle of a cul de sac after apparently jumping out of a plane and I guess not pulling his parachute in time. Along with his unfortunate remains was a bag with what looked like drugs. Cut to today and we find out that the bag, empty save a driver’s license of one Waldo Truth, is hidden in the walls of Arlo’s home that is now for sale as he is in prison. After a fun misadventure involving a convict Raylan was delivering for the bounty money (to send to Winona for the baby), we discover that while Arlo pretends not to care about the bag, he is willing to slit a guy’s throat who just heard about it’s existence. Intrigue!

Meanwhile, Boyd has his own issues with a new Pop-Up Tent Church in the backwoods (those are always the worst, am I right?) that is converting people away from using or selling meth. Joseph Mazzello plays the inevitably evil, and already creepy, preacher man heading up this church. And one of his new followers will be the always so easily influenced Ellen May. Boyd is not going to be happy.

But while both Raylan and Boyd have new hassles to deal with, they won’t be dealing with them alone. No, sadly they won’t be working together in the buddy cop comedy we all hope they will become one day. They each have their own new bromances forming. In both cases, they are the brains of the operation. Raylan’s new pal is Constable Bob Sweeny, a bit of a doof who was put in the position because no one wants it and it’s kind of a throwaway job when it comes to Harlan County law enforcement. But the long time pal(-ish) of Raylan is rearing and ready to go. Seriously – he has a Go Bag. He is very ready. And while he may not be top of the class when it comes to cops, he genuinely seems to want to help his buddy.

Meanwhile, Boyd’s old MP buddy, Colt (Ron Eldard) is in town and at the ready when Boyd needs help. While, at first, he seems a little apprehensive when killing is on the table for Boyd, it turns out he is pretty trigger happy. My favorite scene of the night….

Boyd: Take care of him.

Colt: (shoots the guy)

Boyd: What the heck did you do that for?!

Colt: You said to take care of him.

Boyd: I… I meant cut him loose!

Colt: Oh…. Sh*t.

Boyd: Well, I guess I’ll have to be more careful with my words.


I’ll never stop laughing at that scene. So perfect in every way and basically sets up exactly what this relationship will be. I can’t wait.

So, as you can see, life is back to normal in Harlan. And by normal, I mean completely messed up. But with Raylan and his hat still taking care of things, I bet it will all turn out fine in the end. Just as long as Tim doesn’t die. I always worry. Don’t do it to me, Yost.

What are you most excited for this season? Are you liking all the new faces so far?

Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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