If there is a lesson to be learned on this week’s Justified, I’m guess it is: Never underestimate Raylan Givens or Boyd Crowder. They will always, always, get the upper hand.

Justified Review “The Devil You Know”

But before we get to them…. Oh Dickie. Dickie (Jeremy Davies), prison guard Ash (Todd Stashwick), and a prison doc all have a plan to get Dickie out, but, dim-witted Dewey got himself mixed up in it, so he become a hostage in this whole situation. Basically the plan: Get Dickie out via a hearse, then head to Nobels Holler to see Limehouse, get the $3 million, split it and everyone lives happily ever after. It didn’t go as planned. Which led to some fantastic twists and turns.

Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) found out where the money was from a face I was so happy to see… Loretta (Kaitlyn Dever). I was so glad to see she is as sassy as ever. Raylan heading to see Limehouse threw a wrench in Dickie and Ash’s plans. They decide to have Limehouse bring the money to them. That goes wrong too because Raylan, thanks to more than a little help from Boyd, finds where Ash is staying in the motel. (Boyd points out the guard probably helped him escape… Bromance points for Boyd and Raylan!) Ash hopes for a shoot out when he spots Raylan. Buuuut, Raylan just runs him over with his car because he does not have time for this nonsense. Like I said last week, nothing is greater than when Raylan gets annoyed by a bad guy trying to kill him. I mean really… he has so many things to do with his day, does he really have time for all of this crap?

Raylan finding the hideout means the rest of the bad guys have to go on the run. Dewey, quite literally, ends up trying to run, but he is caught and Doc has him tied up in a motel room. Again. Meanwhile, Dickie takes a father and son henchmen duo over to the Bennett’s old store to see if Limehouse brought the money… He did. All $46,313 of it. A bit shy of the $3mil Dewey was expecting. I have to say, I’m not sure what Dewey’s plan is when he gives the money back to Limehouse (to turn it into more) and then turn himself in to Raylan for killing the two henchman (Limehouse and his guy actually killed them). But Dickie, despite being a bit of a whackadoodle has proven to be a little smarter than I originally thought. So he must have a plan, right?

Oh, and Dewey? Seems he may be getting cut open and having his organs sold on the black market. Or at least, that is what it looked like was about to happen. I’m a little nervous for it.

Boyd meanwhile is dealing with troubles of his own – an unhappy Devil has been seduced by Quarles to come join his bad guy regime. Devil tries to get Johnny to join in. Johnny agrees. My husband and I yell at the screen, “You are dumb and you are going to be killed!” And then sure enough… when Devil says he and Johnny are leaving and going to kill Boyd, Johnny pulls a gun on Devil and then Boyd kills him. Devil, Devil, Devil. Never ever think you have the upper hand on Boyd. No one does. Except maybe Raylan.

This was another great episode that continued to take these storyline in new and exciting directions. My favorite part was Raylan telling the bad guys another story – this time about Arlo getting punched by Limehouse many years ago after Raylan’s mother ran away to Nobels Holler. This is the incident Limehouse made reference to in the second episode on the bridge.

This episode also seemed especially funny, but maybe that is just because my sense of humor is somewhat warped.

Here is what I am loving about this season – I have ZERO IDEA how all of these stories are somehow going to come together. I can make some guesses, but really, I have no idea. But I know it will be brilliant and that Raylan will be annoyed and Boyd will be an evil genius. My only complaint so far about this season: not enough of Tim (Jacob Pitts). I miss him.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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