In the Nashville season 1 episode titled “Why don’t you love me?” Juliette sang a song intended for Dante.


The song, performed by Hayden Panetierre is titled “I’ve Been Used.” It’s a powerful anthem for the bitter.

Nashville – I’ve Been Used Lyrics

You come walking ’round here
Acting like we’re something, oh
Then you up and disappear
And make it real clear that we’re nothing
I’ve been used
Damaged by you


Oh, I’ve been used, now I’m crying
By you, now I’m dying
Yeah, I’ve been used
Guess I knew
‘Cause that’s what you do

Well I have you what you asked
I gave you nothing back, now did ya
It’s like I was your drug
Til the fix wasn’t enough for you
I’ve been used
Damaged by you


That’s what you do
Oh I’ve been used