Nashville season 1 spoilers inside, be forewarned!

Well, how about that? We have a feeling you were expecting that proposal from Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) to Sean (Tilky Montgomery Jones). And we’re not sure waht her motivations were…

1.) She really loves Sean.
2.) She wants to piss off Sean’s Mom.
3.) She wants more family.
4.) She wants to have sex with Sean, who won’t have sex before marriage.

We suspect it’s more than just one of those reasons.

But will Juliette get married? If you’ve seen the promos for Nashville Season 1 Episode 9, you’ll see a church and even see Juliette Barnes in a wedding dress and veil. It seems she gets at least that far. Do you want to see a plotline like this play out on Nashville season 1?

Photo Credit: ABC | Nashville Quotes | Created by Callie Khouri.