I’m woefully behind on Dexter, and now I have a major reason to catch up on the show because Julia Stiles is likely to be added to the cast of Dexter season 5.

Dexter is fanciful. Photo: Showtime

Dexter is fanciful. Photo: Showtime

Negotiations are still going on, but according to Michael Ausiello we should look forward to Julia Stiles in Dexter season 5. (Dexter is the hit Showtime series starring Michael C. Hall, for those who feel clueless right about now.) As for what Julia Stiles will do on the show, her role is rumored to be major. In fact, it is rumored that she might be the villain of the season. Last season the villain was the serial killer Arthur Mitchell aka Trinity, plaeyd by John Lithgow. (I know, I have GOT to go watch that season!)

Despite the fact that I haven’t seen the past season, I am pretty well spoiled about Dexter. Now that Rita is dead, Stiles could play a love interest (genuine or fake). I doubt Dexter would go for her, but you never know how these things will play out. It’ll be exciting when we know what role Stiles might be taking on in the series. Stay tuned to Small Screen Scoop for what little old ladies in beauty shops would refer to as “the dish.”

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