It’s official, Julia Stiles will be on season five of Dexter. Read on if, like me, you have seen Save the Last Dance and Ten Things I Hate About you more times than you can realistically count.

Julia Stiles

Julia Stiles

Showtime has confirmed that Julia Stiles will be in 10 episodes of Dexter season five. This is an Emmy-nominated drama, and very much worth watching if you haven’t caught on to it yet. For die-hard fans, we want to know more about Julia’s role. Showtime is only saying that she, “will play a mysterious young woman who forms a unique relationship with Dexter (Michael C. Hall) in the wake of the death of his wife.” So, Stiles could be playing anyone from another cop, a serial killer, or a potential love interest.

The Los Angeles Times has called Julia Stiles “one of the most fearless and talented actresses in Hollywood” so it makes sense that she’d be a guest star on one of the most fearless TV shows.  And do you even want to start talking about talent? Dexter has received several Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for best television drama series. Dexter has also won a Peabody Award, and been twice on the AFI list of top ten TV series.

Julia Stiles suddenly Showtime’s pick for Dexter?

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