On Bravo’s Miss Advised, Julia Allison has emerged a brightly lit, beautiful star.

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UPDATE: The above sentence is still true. The rest was written before I did any additional research. But the more I read about Julia on the internet, the more concerned I do get that her charming persona is only one part of the package. I am left wondering if she’s an ambitious, sometimes dramatic girl that people unfairly pick on, or if she’s truly much more of an exploitative drama queen than Miss Advised has portrayed. However, I do believe I hate the mass amounts of  “We hate Julia” Gawker fueled drama more than I could ever dislike the girl. She’s guilty of wanting to be famous? I can’t think of many people who don’t. And could anything Julia do be worse than the antics of Kim Kardashian and her fake marriage?

Julia Allison is that person that all networks hope to snare in their reality TV empires. Bravo has arguably been the most successful at this (along with ABC and NBC), inviting the world to love Rachel Zoe, Brad Goreski, Andy Cohen, and several crazy housewives. Other networks like The CW and Showtime have had much less successful efforts.

With Allison, you have someone with a name that has been previously established (she’s already a writer, she’s already out there), but now can have considerable growth. She’s a funny girl-next-door with an amazing, girly fashion sense, and the cutest frou frou dog that ever was (and she even pretends to make her dog type on her laptop.)

She’s also incredibly positive. And that positivity is magnetic.

With her amazing sense of humor and willingness to look like a goof, she’s won me over.

For single girls, she’s completely relatable.

It’s really no wonder Ashley Tisdale attached her name to the Miss Advised as an executive producer.

Photo: BRAVO

The most recent episode of Miss Advised had a powerful storyline where Julia consulted the (brilliant) love coach Annie Lalla. Initially I balked at the presented idea that Julia should change some of her dating habits (laughing out loud so much, asking questions, leaning in) when going on dates. But it’s good to let go of your schtick and try different approaches. Lalla told Julia to be less aggressive and to instead embody a queen and lean back. What’s more,  she said the reason was that so many of Julia’s loud laughs were “escapes from the narrative.” It was a very intriguing, psychology-based session, and I re-watched these parts. (It’s rare to re-watch a reality show episode of anything in the hopes of actually gaining something from it.)

“… It’s blocked off with shame. Shame is the single reason most people aren’t who they are. It’s the biggest barrier to true, authentic self-expression. …And your life is riddled with shame. And they’re like shackles holding you back.” When Lalla was saying things like this, I realized she was so, so much more than a woman with a crazy scarf and dubious job title. (“Love coach?”)

(More sage knowledge from Annie Lalla: “Anger is a response to something that’s partially true and you’re deeply uncomfortable with. And in fact, the vehemence in which you defend yourself is in direct proportion to it.” And, “The more real you are, the more people are going to be able to tap in and go ‘oh, I’m like her. And if I’m like her, I can like her. Polish is getting in the way of that.)

There’s a lot of negativity surrounding Julia. That makes me sad. She’s not perfect, but she definitely doesn’t seem nearly as bad as anonymous internet trolls would have you believe.

Check out Julia’s most recent Bravo Blog entry, it’s very much worth a read as it talks about the inevitable bullies in our lives.

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Miss Advised airs Mondays on Bravo at 10/9c. Ashley Tisdale is one of the executive producers.

Written by a contributor who wished to remain anonymous.

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