Style AND health conscious? How many TV characters are equally obsessed with both? There’s only one answer…so we’re looking to you, Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling.)

The relatively still new line of Juil footwear offers tres chic style options, but they also offer a major health benefit. What’s that alley, Mindy’s up this one? Totally. (Is that awkward? I can’t think of how else to phrase it, and I really wanted to use the word “alley” because it makes me seem dangerous. Like I hang out in alley’s all day. Which, I do. BTW.)

In real life, Mindy Kaling is always right on the newest trends, and seems willing to try just about anything once. (I think she, too, fell victim to those lame Sketchers “Shape-Up’s.”) However, she’s also tried out many great brands and labels before the designer was a household name, like with Melinda Maria Jewelry.

See, it wouldn’t be surprising if you hadn’t considered that your feet can be really comfortable. After all, plenty of us women go around in such uncomfortable shoes that we try buying all sorts of little bs inserts to try and fix the problem. But what if there was a shoe that didn’t need any of that fuss? Naturally, I’m about to tell you that there is a shoe like that. But it’s beyond what you’re imagining. It’s not just a comfortable shoe, it’s a shoe that will make you feel better.

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About Juil Shoes – Your Special Connection

Juil footwear cleanses your body of stress, toxins and free radicals, based on a concept known as earthing or grounding. Whereas most footwear insulates your body from making a connection with the earth, the copper “dots” in Juil earthing shoes act as a conduit between your body and the Earth, allowing you to stay truly connected and balanced.

Know that blissful feeling when you’re carefree, in the moment, and at peace with yourself? That’s what Juil can re-create for you. Touch your toes to the power beneath your feet to balance the weight of the world on your shoulders.

juil review shoes reviews hera sandals

juil review

juil review shoes

Juil Reviews – I Tried Them

The Juil company was gracious enough to send along a pair of the Hera sandals in magenta for me to review. With the holiday season, we’re all looking for special gifts that say we care, instead of just handing someone a generic giftcard to a chain restaurant.

I’m not great at science, but let’s talk about it anyway. Walking in Juil sandals is kind of like walking barefoot, you feel that connection to the earth. That’s where we use that science term, again, “grounding.” Research supports the idea that having a direct connection from our bodies to the surface of the earth is good for our health. You can’t get that connection when you’re wearing shoes that have rubber or plastic soles. The copper dots in Juil footwear are a conduit that connect you back to the heart. It’s all about electrons and energy.

Energy is something I know about, as I have both learned and been given reiki treatments. (I highly recommend “Energy Medicine” by Donna Eden.) It’s very real, and it very much affects how you feel. That’s why I felt it was so important to share this product’s name with our readers.

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Here’s Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) in season 2 of The Mindy Project. This is also your reminder to tune to the series Tuesdays, on FOX. The show’s gotten better in its sophomore season.

The color and style I picked is just one of many, but all of them look like have have buttery, rich colors. There are even new styles, including ballet flats. The selection of magenta was bold for me, but not too bold that I’d feel afraid to wear it. Still, it’s more fun than basic black, and it’s something I don’t have the color of yet. And I started realizing, duh, Juil is providing people with new kinds of shoes, and even new (slightly tweaked, special) colors to pick from. I really appreciate that, because I seriously cannot own another pair of black sandals.

My one important note is that these may not be the shoes for you if you have wide feet. If that is the case, your feet will not slip into the sandal to position the copper dots under your toes properly, and they’ll just feel a bit too tight.

The price is something I can’t ignore mentioning, because these do not happen to be cheap. Normally they are $125.00, although right now you can get the Hera sandals for $79.00. This is still pricey…but not pricey for what you’re getting. If I didn’t like these shoes, I would never write a positive review for them, especially given the cost. Since I do believe they are great, I stand behind, er – ON, them.

Juil Sandals Made the List – The Small Screen Scoop Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Juil sandals merit being on our holiday gift guide (2013.) Why? These stress-reducing shoes make for an stand-out and thoughtful present choice.

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Comfortable, amazing, refreshing… these are how the shoes feel, for me.
Happy, upbeat, hopeful, good, healthy… these are how I feel when wearing the shoes.


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Disclaimer: Pair given for honest review. Mindy Kaling has no official association. Opinions are author’s own.