It’s time to marvel at how adorbs Chelsie Webster is. Last night on ‘The Bachelor,’ we saw Chelsie go on a first date with Juan Pablo, and they had the best kiss ever.

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The Bachelor 2014 Recap of the Juan Pablo and Chelsie Webster First Date

They car danced to Venezuelan music. So, their date got off to a great start.

Chelsie Webster reminds me a bit of Kristen Bell, but she’s not full-on Bell.

We learned that Juan Pablo likes to feed his women, and we have a cute montage of Juan Pablo and Chelsie eating tons of stuff. And I’m hungry now. Dammit. Thanks.

Because car-swimming wasn’t adventurous enough, it was time for something exciting. JUMPING OFF A BRIDGE. Sorry, Chelsie, if you aren’t prepared to jump off a bridge then you are not wife material for Juan Pablo!

They were “tandom ankle bungee jumping,” for those who want the details. It’s best described (by Chelsie) as, “highdive on crack.”

We got a shot of their feet on the ledge, and I noted that Chelsie is wearing TOMS. (Or Sketcher’s imposter line, BOBS.)

They debated on whether or not to do it, because Chelsie wasn’t keen on jumping off a bridge on that day. Juan Pablo says she should do it for him…even though she doesn’t know him. And Chelsie knows that if she doesn’t jump, her rose days are numbered. But, she decides she’d rather keep her life than get a thrill. JUST KIDDING. It looked like she was going to do it. Then not. AND THEN SHE SAID OKAY. Meanwhile, the crew guys were getting annoyed. But, in the end, Chelsie took the plunge. Maybe now she can one day take the plunge with Juan Pablo in the marital way. Badda bing!

While hanging upside down, they kissed. Memorable.

Then, it was time for a romantic dinner with roses and candles and connection. Juan Pablo confessed his biggest life fear is not being a good example for his daughter. Chelsie shared that she worries about not being happy one day. And this seemed like a sincere sharing of the hearts, much more than Juan Pablo and Cassandra Ferguson earlier in the night.

Chelsie is bubbly, and Juan Pablo was vibing on her caring/maternal energy. I was glad to see Chelsie opening up and being more silly than she had at the start of the date.

“Your upside down kissing is pretty good…” – Chelsie to Juan Pablo

Luckily, this date ended in a rose.

Then, they ran to where live music was playing. I thought it was a John Mayer song…but, alas, it was not The Mayer.

“She’s wife material. Shes’ a keeper.” – Juan Pablo about Chelsie Webster
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For no known reason, Elise Mosca, was feeling super competitive with Chelsie. While Chels had her date, Elise got to bad-mouthin’…

“She just seems so young to me. She seems like a baby. She literally seems like a baby.” – Elise Mosca

“Is she going to be a serious candidate for a wife?” – Elise Mosca

“Chelsie won’t be the one. She’ll end up going home.” – Elise Mosca

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now, go on and have an amazing day – you deserve to.

REACT: What do you think of Cassandra? Do you think this couple is boring, or do you think they’re your best bet to invite to a rave? Meet us here on Monday night for our The Bachelor 2014 recap!